TASC Test Standard Setting and Validity Studies

Aligning TASC Test to Developmental Course Content

DRC Content Developers identified TASC test content equivalent to that of college developmental coursework (not-for-credit courses)—these are the courses for students deemed not ready for full college coursework. This supported the setting of College and Career Readiness (CCR) cut scores by identifying TASC test scores associated with mastery of developmental course content (which included the prerequisite skills to support success in credit-bearing courses).

First, DRC identified commonly used textbooks for college developmental courses. These are courses such as Developmental Math that are taken by students who do not demonstrate achievement associated with success in credit-bearing college courses such as College Algebra.

DRC then aligned the content of the developmental textbooks with the TASC Test to understand the skills that were considered prerequisite to success for credit-bearing courses. This provided the framework to establish a content-based CCR cut score for the TASC Test. One consultant for Mathematics and one for Reading/Writing was contracted to examine the alignment and support the identification of an appropriate cut score in each TASC Test content area.