Accommodations for Disabilities

Special Needs Accommodations

Data Recognition Corporation designed TASC test to empower every test taker. It’s essential that adults with special needs or disabilities have the resources they need to earn their high school equivalencies. TASC test makes it simple for every test taker. Explore our accommodations and resources below.

Alternate Formats of the TASC Test

Multiple forms of TASC test are available each year in English and Spanish in online and print versions. Alternate formats, including large print, Braille, and audio, are also offered:

TASC Test Accommodations

DRC supports the intent of the ADA Amendments Act of 2008 and is committed to supporting access to TASC test for individuals with disabilities. The TASC test design includes accessible formats and allowable resources that are available to all examinees.

All examinees with a documented need may apply for special testing accommodations. You can access three types of support during TASC testing:

1. Allowable resources, including:

  • Tools
  • Procedures
  • Materials that an examinee may use to support test taking, including items such as earplugs, magnifying glasses, or seat cushions.

No formal approval is required for the use of allowable resources. In some cases, a notification form must be filled out and provided to the testing center prior to testing so that the testing center can prepare to support the request.

2. Alternate formats: TASC test is available in English and Spanish in alternate formats, including Braille and large print editions, as explained in the chart above. To receive alternate formats, the examinee must provide prior notification to the testing center.

3. Special Testing Accommodations: Special testing accommodations, such as extra time, are intended to account for the effects of a person’s disability. Special accommodations are only approved for examinees with appropriate documentation diagnosing their disability or disorder and supporting the need for specified accommodations.

TASC PQR Accommodations

Overview of TASC Accommodations
TASC Accommodations Descriptions
Allowable Accommodations Resources
Accommodations Request Form
Examinee Guidelines for Accommodations
Evaluator Guidelines for Accommodations
Accommodations Approval Criteria