TASC Test Design

TASC Test Design Data Recognition Corporation created TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™. We are experts at developing assessments of school performance from elementary school through adult education. Our assessments range from TerraNova®, to end-of-year state assessments, to high stakes assessments and, of course, the Tests of Adult Basic Education (TABE®).

We partnered with experienced secondary school teachers and educators of adults to carefully construct all the questions in TASC test. Our specialists, with teacher and test taker in mind, ensure each test question works by reviewing it multiple times. TASC test questions must be pretested, standardized and normed to current educational expectations (including Depth of Knowledge levels) before being included in the test. TASC test standardization uses a random sample of both graduating high school seniors and advanced Adult Basic Education students across the country.

Educating adults is our mission. We are honored to join this community of educators like you – to give adults a second chance. As an educator of TASC test takers, you will prepare examinees to meet or surpass approximately 40 percent of the nation’s graduating high school seniors. Approximately 60 percent of high school seniors would be expected to pass all five TASC test subject area tests. By preparing test takers to pass the exam, you are fostering a new generation of educated, experienced adults.