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In the past, as an educational publisher, you know that each state set its own standards for learning a subject. That meant that the standards, books, and other publications were different for every state. A number of studies conducted during the 1990s showed that a disturbing number of students were graduating high school without the skills needed to qualify for jobs or enter college. Someone needed to help solve this problem. In 1996, at the National Education Summit, a group of governors and business leaders formed a non-profit education reform organization called “Achieve.” They invited all the states to come to an agreement in setting standards for skills needed to succeed in college and in the workplace in the 21st century. The result was the Career and College Readiness.

What does this mean for you?
Students graduating high school, starting with the class of 2014, will need to meet the new Career and College Readiness used by their state. If they want a high school equivalency diploma they will need to pass a test based on these new standards as well. But don’t worry, they will also be studying subjects the same way as other students in high school, and preparing for the test using the same types of questions. So when they take the pre-test, they will have the chance to practice with the types of questions they will be asked on the real test.

To accomplish this goal, Data Recognition Corporation works with a variety of educational publishers to create preparation materials to help examinees prepare for the test. As you consider coming on board as a content publisher there a few key components of the TASC test you should familiarize yourself with.

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