TASC Test Comparison

View the High School Equivalency Assessments Comparison of Tests chart link below to compare the high school equivalency tests now offered to students, and find out the advantages of TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™.

High School Equivalency Assessments Comparison of Tests

What makes TASC test official?

The TASC test program is a partnership between Data Recognition Corporation and each state that decides to use TASC test. Much like state acceptance of a high school’s accreditation, when a state adopts TASC test as the test for high school equivalency it is considered the official test for that state. DRC also establishes any paper-and-pencil or online test administration procedures and minimum passing scores. Customers that adopt TASC test award a high school equivalency to test takers earning a passing grade on TASC test, in addition to any other minimum state/province/territory requirements that might exist.