TASC Test Item Types

TASC Test Item Types

  • Field tested and normed in 2013, the TASC Test delivers the newest high school equivalency content available.
  • TASC Test item types are aligned to Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE) National College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education; Next Generation Science Standards; and Social Studies national frameworks.
    Several different types of technology-enhanced items are used in the TASC Test:
  • Drag and Drop, with and without sequencing dependencies
  • Evidence-Based Selected-Response
  • Multiple Selected-Response

How Are These New Standards-Aligned Items Different?
These new assessment items measure student achievement and progress on the College and Career Readiness Standards and require new thinking, new technologies, new approaches to content, and new ways to analyze data and report assessment results. Educators will notice the shift from basic factual knowledge to an increased emphasis on performance. These next-generation assessments address a new set of design considerations and criteria:

  • Challenging Cognitive Tasks: College and Career Readiness Standards include items that provide evidence of robust student thinking about important content.
  • Rigorous Validity and Reliability: Standards-aligned assessments are engineered and developed to support appropriate and instructionally meaningful uses of data.
  • Innovative Item Types: College and Career Readiness Standards include performance tasks, technology-enhanced items, and extended constructed response items in addition to the traditional multiple-choice items to measure the depth, rigor, and complexity of comprehension.
  • Performance tasks: Help uncover deeper levels of student understanding by measuring a student’s ability to think through a complex problem that may have more than one correct answer. Performance tasks call for your adult students to apply their knowledge within an authentic learning experience, which may take anywhere from minutes to days to complete. These items will be scored using rubrics based on the cognitive skills being assessed.
  • Technology-Enhanced Items and Assessments: Provide instant feedback to students and teachers, making it possible to quickly fill learning gaps and support students in moving steadily towards achievement. They reduce the turnaround time for student reports, save instruction time, and ultimately preserve resources.
  • Extended Constructed-Response Items: Allow educators to measure skills that are difficult to assess with traditional multiple-choice items. This could include writing an essay or answering an open-ended question in English language arts or mathematics.
  • Writing Items: Require students to write logical arguments based on substantive claims, sound reasoning, and relevant evidence. Emphasis on writing skills helps students improve their essay-writing skills and prepare for state and national writing assessments.
  • Informative Reports: Provide teachers and administrators with useful, actionable information that links student performance to College and Career Readiness Standards.

New Item Types Have Multiple Parts
Some new item types have multiple parts. For example, an ELA performance task item may include some or all of these parts:

Discussion questions

  • Anchor text
  • 2-3 additional, related texts, which may include multimedia
  • 5-6 additional items based on anchor and related texts, which may be technology-enhanced
  • Culminating product, which may be an essay, presentation, or argument

About TASC Test Reading Literacy
The Reading test includes multiple-choice, constructed-response, and technology-enhanced questions that test an examinee’s ability to understand the information presented in excerpts from newspapers, magazines, novels, short stories, poetry, drama, and business or legal text passages. The Reading test includes both literary and informational texts.

About TASC Test Writing
In the Writing test, examinees will answer multiple-choice, constructed-response, and technology-enhanced questions in which they must identify errors and make corrections in sentence structure, usage, mechanics, and organization. Examinees will also write a text-based essay.

About TASC Test Mathematics
In the Mathematics test there are number and quantity, algebra, functions, and geometry questions, as well as some that cover statistics and probability. Most are word problems and involve real-life situations or ask examinees to interpret information presented in diagrams, charts, graphs, and tables. Section 1 of the Mathematics test allows examinees to use a calculator. A calculator is not used in Section 2. Examinees will also be given a page of mathematics formulas to use during the test.

About TASC Test Social Studies
During the Social Studies test, examinees will be asked to answer multiple-choice, constructed-response, and technology-enhanced questions on history, economics, geography, civics, and government. The Social Studies test gauges examinees’ understanding of the basic principles in each of those areas. To do well, examinees must be able to read passages, illustrations, graphs, and charts.

About TASC Test Science
For the Science test, multiple-choice questions are pulled from the fields of Physical Science, Life Science, and Earth and Space Science. Each discipline is subdivided into several Core Ideas, which each contain multiple performance expectations. Each test item assesses one performance expectation. Items may require recalling knowledge, applying knowledge and skills, or reasoning. The number of test items per Core Idea is proportional to the number of performance expectations within the Core Idea. As a result, each Core Idea will have about 2–5 items on a given test.

TASC Test Practice Items
Check out our TASC Test practice items. These printable PDF practice item samplers have been updated to include new technology-enhanced twin and constructed-response items.

Access Printable Practice Tests in English:
Social Studies
Writing Argumentative Essay
Writing Informational Essay

Access Printable Practice Tests in Spanish:
Social Studies

Online Interactive Demo
The online interactive demo introduces technology-enhanced items to TASC test takers before testing day. The interactive demo offers practice items just like those examinees will find on the JKL TASC test forms. Designed to familiarize students with technology-enhanced items, this dynamic new demo will increase test taker confidence and provide examinees with a simulated online test-taking experience. Click here to access the online interactive demo here.