TASC Test Pricing

In a tight economy, Adult Basic Education funding has remained flat for years, and access to technology has not improved much. It’s crucial that a high-quality high school equivalency assessment remains available at a reasonable price. Data Recognition Corporation developed the TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™ especially for adults who are ready to take this next big step in their lives.

When choosing among high school equivalencies, test takers are often left wondering, “How much does the GED® cost?” or “What do I have to pay to earn my high school equivalency?” Prices for TASC test takers vary from state to state and are determined by your state. You can check with local testing centers for specific costs. When test takers purchase the full TASC test battery, they also receive two free retests, scoring, and reporting. Check with your state and preferred testing location for any additional fees that might be included each in the final TASC test cost.

With TASC test:
States and students across the country no longer need to pay more than twice the price for the test. Before TASC test, states subsidizing the test would have only have been able to serve half the people who need to take a high school equivalency test (unless they either raised taxes or shifted funds away from other needed programs). States no longer need to retrofit hundreds of test centers to comply with difficult and expensive upgrades required by other tests. Some of these test centers are located in correctional or institutional settings, and the cost to upgrade could have denied thousands of people the ability to move forward with their lives.

States can maintain control over their high school equivalency programs by not requiring the use of corporate-approved testing centers to administer the exam, instead allowing states to follow the processes they already had in place. Please note that as before, accepting payment will differ depending on the state, so you should check with your state for more information.