TASC Test Location Requirements

TASC test does not need to be administered in a special location; it can be taken anywhere states choose. TASC test can be offered either on paper-and-pencil or online. This has been done to insure that the test is available to as many people as possible without traveling long distances, or causing test centers to renovate in order to provide the online version of the test.

DRC has gone to great lengths to ensure the TASC test paper-and-pencil exams are comparable to online versions with respect to content coverage, rigor, passing requirements, and final scores. Both paper-and-pencil and online formats can be used at any state-approved location, and DRC knows that some test centers may need additional time before they are able to offer computerized tests.

  • Test centers still trying to fund adequate computer labs.
  • Correctional facilities and similar locations, where the ability to administer online exams is limited.
Rest assured, TASC test’s online tests have an easy-to-understand interface that is simple for examinees to use. The online version primarily requires the student to understand how to navigate the screen using a mouse, the ability to use an online version of the TI-30SX calculator, and the ability to type an essay in the allotted time.

The Computer-Based Test:
  • Provides instant reports except for tests requiring hand-scoring (e.g., the writing test).
  • Offers improved efficiency—test items and student data are secure using the latest online security protocol.