Importance of Practice

The creators of TASC test know you want to move forward with your future. That’s why they put in the research to design a test that helps you prepare for college or a career.

And to get ready for those next steps, you need to prepare in all five subject areas. This means becoming confident that you can earn the passing score of 500 or higher in each content area. We have the materials you need to determine when you’re ready.

Am I Ready for TASC Test?

Know How to Watch the Time
Smartphones will not be allowed in the test centers, so wear a watch. When you start the test, look at the time. Using a pencil and the top of your answer sheet (you can erase it before you hand it in), write down the time you start. Then write the time you want to finish. From your practice, you should know how much time you have for each section in order to avoid rushing at the end when you really need the time. When you hear the person administering the test tell you how much time is left, be sure you’re keeping to your schedule.

Preview, View, and Review
The model that many use to pass a test like TASC test is the following:

Preview: Discover what kind of questions the test will ask, and study hard to learn as much as you can about the way to think about and answer the questions. This is especially important for the essay questions.

View: Take the practice test watching the time so you allow just enough time to read and come up with the answers you think are correct.

Review: If you can, add a few minutes at the end of each section to review what you did. This is especially true for the essay you will be writing, since a quick edit can often spot spelling, grammar and other errors in a well-written piece.

To pass TASC test you need to be able to do the following:
  • Read long and short essays, and other written materials at a high school level
  • Compute mathematical equations using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • Explain what you read to show you understand the meaning of information
  • Express yourself in writing at the level of 40 percent of graduating seniors at a minimum
When you’re prepared for the above, find out about taking TASC test.