The TASC Test Readiness Assessment

Testing for your high school equivalency is a big deal. You need to be confident in your test-taking skills and ready to answer the right questions. To help you prepare as much as possible for the TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion, we’ve designed a practice test that predicts how likely you are to pass the actual test. In addition to reviewing our practice items online and study topics on the blog, you can practice for test day with a full in-person assessment.

The TASC Test Readiness Assessment is offered through TASC test centers and preparation programs. Your scores not only reflect how well you will do on the TASC test but also tell you which subjects are your best and worst. To help you study up on those challenging subjects, your results provide the tips you need to improve.

Readiness Test Formats
The Readiness Assessment is available as a paper-and-pencil test or a computer-based test, and you can opt to take it in English or Spanish.

The question formats mimic those on the official TASC test, including multiple choice, essay, and gridded-response. The test will take approximately half of the amount of testing time as the full TASC test battery.

To learn more information about the Readiness Test content areas, the materials you’ll need, and the test time, check out the brochure.