TASC Test Social Studies

During the Social Studies test, examinees will be assigned multiple-choice, constructed-response, and technology-enhanced questions on history, economics, geography, civics, and government. The Social Studies test gauges examinees’ understanding of the basic principles in each of those areas. To do well, examinees must be able to read passages, illustrations, graphs, and charts.

DRC created a Social Studies content framework that pulls domain standards from the following national resources:
  • Center for Civic Education.
  • National Standards for Civics and Government 2010.
  • Economics: Council for Economic Education.
  • Voluntary National Content Standards in Economics, 2nd Edition.
For the Geography domain, DRC wrote the targets for the TASC test based on the standards created by the National Council for the Social Studies and the National Council for Geographic Education. After identifying these targets for the TASC Test framework, the Social Studies team at DRC conducted an analysis of the targets by comparing them to some states’ high school standards for these domains.

Note: DRC compared the TASC test framework to the high school standards for the following states:

  • Understanding and being able to restate and summarize what is read.
  • Transferring ideas from one context to another.
  • Examining the logical structure of ideas; drawing conclusions from various types of data.
  • Judging fact vs. opinion and the reliability of information.

Please note that this list of subskills is not a complete list, but rather represents the most common subskills currently in use. The exhaustive list of subskills would be too long to list on this web page.