TASC Test Taking Tips

People who have good study habits score higher on their tests than people who have not learned how to study. So studying really does pay off. Learning how to become a “study expert” means following these hints and tips:

Top Tips for Taking the TASC Test

  1. Review the prep materials right after a prep class. The information is still fresh in your memory, and the review can actually improve your memory.
  2. Do not do all the studying the night before the test. We all tend to put things off until the last minute, so make a study plan early on. Try to space out your TASC test studying by section, and review the content well before test day.
  3. Study in a quiet, well-lit and comfortable place. Find time when there are few distractions. Here’s another hint: studying in bed will make you want to sleep. Find somewhere that keeps your mind awake.
  4. When you start to study, do not try to memorize everything from the beginning. Read it through once to get the big ideas, and then go back and take notes.
  5. Learn general concepts first. It prepares your mind to learn and remember the details.
  6. Take notes in your own words. They should include a summary of the big ideas and the details that fall under those general concepts.
  7. Make flash cards for the important ideas. Ask a question in your own words on one side of the card, and write the answer in a few words on the other side. When you’re ready to check your memory, shuffle the flash cards, read the questions out loud, and flip them over to quiz yourself. The questions you answer correctly can be set aside while you work on others. As you get closer to the test, put all the cards back into the deck to be sure you’re prepared.
  8. Take short breaks every 20 minutes. Why? Studies have shown that your long-term memory is best at the beginning and end of these 20-minute study periods. Start and end your study sessions with the topics that need the most work.
  9. If you study a set amount every day (say two 20-minute periods) for as many days as you need to cover everything, your long-term memory will kick in. Remember: it’s your long-term memory that will help you develop the critical thinking skills you need for TASC test. Many small sessions of studying can add up over time.
  10. Think about what you’re reading, and really try to understand it. Talk about it with someone. Ask yourself questions about it. Get into it so the lessons can get into your head.
  11. Take advantage of the pre-tests and assessments that can let you know in advance what areas you most need to study. You only have a certain amount of time to study for TASC test. If you find out that you are a good enough reader to pass that part of test but need a lot of work in the sciences, spend more time prepping and studying for the science section.
  12. The human brain is not designed to multi-task. You can jump from your book to your phone to your music to the TV and back to your book. But this only distracts your mind from focusing on the intended task – studying. Learn to focus.
  13. Study during the time that you’re usually awake. You’ll probably need to sacrifice other activities for a short time, but the investment will pay off.

And when you’ve mastered all five subjects, find out if you’re ready for TASC test.