Taking the TASC Test on Paper

If you do not feel you can take TASC test online, there is a paper-and-pencil version of TASC test. It is the same test and only requires a pencil to answer the questions. Make sure that the test center you are going to use is providing this version of the test. Some centers may offer either paper-and-pencil or online, while others may only have one or the other. Make sure the test center has the one you want to take.

Here is some additional information about the paper-and-pencil version.

Paper-and-pencil tests are equal to online tests with regard to their covering the same content, level of difficulty, and passing requirements.

  • They are easy to use—the same kind of test that has been used for decades.
  • Paper-and-pencil supports a gradual transition to the online assessment for students not yet comfortable taking online tests.
  • The paper-and-pencil test can be offered at sites, such as correctional facilities, where the ability to administer online exams is limited.
  • These tests provide accommodations for students with special needs when online tests may not be the best choice.