The Day of the Test

Aside from reviewing sample questions, practice tests, and completing the interactive practice demo featuring technology enhanced items, it’s important to prepare yourself physically and mentally for your test day. We know you can earn your high school equivalency and pursue your dream education or career. You’ve put in the time preparing, and now it’s time to show us everything you know.

Cristal Tracy, a TASC test taker from Indiana, shares this test day advice: “I was a part of the first group to take the TASC test at [my] testing center. We had people get up during the test and walk out without even trying to see if they could pass. They gave up on themselves. My advice is to just persevere, don’t give up, and stay strong.”

We recommend following Cristal’s advice; a healthy mindset helps you remain calm. Do your best on the TASC test with our suggestions for the day of the exam:
  1. Get plenty of sleep before the test. This is especially true if you are taking all five sections at once, since you will be spending a majority of your day taking the test.
  2. Eat something for breakfast. TASC tests often begin early in the morning. A good breakfast gives you energy, keeping you alert and thinking clearly as you approach lunchtime.
  3. Do not panic. If you have studied hard and prepared as well as you can, trust that you will do your best. Remember that it’s a test; if you do not get it all the answers correct, you can still pass. In addition, you can take a free retest on any section you need to retake.