TASC Test Success Stories Infographic


There are two exciting and empowering moments that stand out to all TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™ takers: The moment they decided to advance their life by earning their high school equivalency and the moment they found out they passed the TASC test.

While every TASC test taker has a personal and unique story behind why they decided to achieve their HSE, there is a common ending to every story – the sense of accomplishment and pride they feel once their hard work has paid off.

We asked our test takers to share their story with us, including,

  • How old they were when they left school
  • The reason they left school
  • Why they decided to earn their HSE
  • How they felt when they received their HSE
  • Their next steps in life

See their responses in our TASC test success story infographic below:

TASC success story graphic