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Test Center Spotlight: The Harrison County Lifelong Learning Center in Corydon, Indiana


Did you know that you can find the additional support and guidance you’re looking for as you prepare for the TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™ at your local TASC test center?

Today we’re placing the test center spotlight on the Harrison County Lifelong Learning Center (HCLL) as Douglas Robson, the center’s Director, and Shari Lasher, Program Administrator, take us inside the center’s process and experience with the TASC test:

  1. When did the Harrison County Lifelong Learning Center start offering the TASC test?

We started offering the TASC test in the spring of 2014, immediately after Indiana transitioned from the GED© Exam.

  1. What successes have you seen as a result of offering the TASC test?

We have tested nearly 1,400 students in just over 2 years, so certainly giving students the opportunity to further their educational and professional goals has been our greatest success.

The partnerships we have created within the 6-county area we serve has increased our community’s commitment to education for all ages and abilities. We have social service agencies, post-secondary institutions, community foundations, and local businesses who have really backed our efforts to promote the TASC test.

As the test center for five county jails, our other notable success would be the number of inmates who have worked hard to pass the test. We hope the educational opportunity we offer them will reduce recidivism and help them make positive changes in their lives.

  1. How is the TASC test administered at the Harrison County Lifelong Learning Center?

We currently offer pencil/paper testing at our community addendum sites around Southern Indiana as well as at the area jails. We will begin computer-based testing in late 2016 to offer students more flexibility and convenience.

  1. How does the Harrison County Lifelong Learning Center help test takers prepare for the TASC test?

Harrison County Lifelong Learning partners with Region 10 Adult Education to help students improve their basic skills and prepare for testing. They offer individualized instruction, online remediation tools, and distance education opportunities that meet busy students’ needs.

Once a student has improved his or her educational levels in class, he or she is given the TASC Test Readiness Assessment to determine his or her likelihood of passing the TASC test [and earning a] high school equivalency (HSE). [Students] are then advised of the test registration procedures. The Adult Education classes are often conducted at our addendum sites, so students are able to test at a familiar location.

  1. What are you most passionate about at the Harrison County Lifelong Learning Center?

Our mission is to provide a variety of educational opportunities to Southern Indiana, so offering Adult Education classes and high school equivalency testing is just a portion of what we do. We feel these programs are the starting point for students to pursue other goals, such as post-secondary education classes and workforce training.  We show our test candidates additional opportunities in hopes that they become lifelong learners.

  1. Any additional comments, insights, or comments of inspiration you’d like to add as it pertains to aspiring HSE candidates with the TASC test?

We commend the courage and dedication of our test candidates as they take steps to restart their education.  Many of our students face obstacles to learning, financial struggles, and work/family commitments. Watching them make their education a priority inspires us daily.

Are you ready to step up to the TASC test? Get in touch with the Harrison County Lifelong Learning Center and start preparing to earn your HSE.